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19 JAN - 18 FEB 2024

FRINGE WORLD is one of the largest avenues through which Western Australians actively participate in the cultural life of the state, and it is the primary way that ARTRAGE contributes to our community cohesion, arts engagement, city vibrancy and civic pride.

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FRINGE WORLD engages over 3,000 artists annually providing a platform for emerging and established artists to perform to a wide array of audiences. In 2023, FRINGE WORLD attracted an impressive 564,018 attendance at free and ticketed events and saw over $6.5 million paid out to artists and venues.

Fringeworld impact

2023 Festival in Numbers

564+ K

Total Attendance in 2023

$8.7+ Million

Spent at the Box Office in 2023

$6.5+ Million

Paid to Artists in 2023