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Written By Khazia Wong 12 Jul, 2023

The ARTRAGE 2022/23 Annual Impact Report reveals impressive growth in our post-Covid State, showcasing the outstanding impact we have had on artists, the WA economy, and local communities. Through comprehensive data analysis, including ticketing, surveys, and economic assessments by Culture Counts, this report not only highlights our positive earnings, program development, and learnings over the past year but also underscores our significant contributions to the communities we serve.

Key achievements this year include:

  • Direct Economic Impact: Over $48.3 million
  • Multiplied Economic Impact: More than $137 million
  • Artist and Venue Payments: Exceeding $6.5 million
  • Economic Stimulus: $26 generated per $1 of State Government investment
  • Total ARTRAGE Attendees: 604,048
  • ARTRAGE Workforce: 929 employees, contractors, and volunteers
  • FTE Jobs Stimulated: 343

This remarkable growth stems from our five dynamic ARTRAGE programs, including three exciting additions to our lineup: Rooftop Roller Club, the regional tour of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Immersive Spectacular, and Bogan Literature.

In addition, we successfully established our Philanthropy Program in 2022, diversifying our revenue streams and raising over $40,000 in its inaugural year.

Kyle Jeavons, Chair of the ARTRAGE Boards, shares our team's pride in this year's achievements and our anticipation for the future:

"The results of this report underscore the ongoing support for ARTRAGE activities and, more importantly, propel us forward as we enter a crucial phase of growth. We are committed to expanding ARTRAGE, engaging new audiences, delivering exceptional arts entertainment, and making a lasting economic impact through tourism, hospitality, and job creation."

With these impressive outcomes and our ambitious vision, we look forward to a bright future ahead.