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ARTRAGE's First Ever Donor Impact Report


Thank you to all of our Donors, for helping us make a difference

Using ticketing, survey and financial data, including economic impact assessment by Culture Counts, our inaugural issue of the Donor Impact Report proves that donations made to ARTRAGE Philanthropy this financial year 2022/2023 have made an incredible difference to our artists and local communities.

Over $40K was raised by our donors. These donations helped us create:

  • $1.1 million in additional organisation expenditure towards new activity
  • For every $1 donated, ARTRAGE were able to spend an additional $27 in the local arts economy

Donations to ARTRAGE also helped generate astounding economic exponential impact for WA:

  • 343 full time jobs were created by ARTRAGE this year
  • $6.5 million was delivered to artists and venues in gross box office returns
  • $137 million was created in multiplied economic impact

The generosity of our donors helped us provide a wide variety of one-of-a-kind events that delivered surprise and delight to our communities across the state, including:

  • Our first Project Development Program, Free Range, with participants OFF-Base Dance Company
  • Rooftop Movies
  • Rooftop Roller Club
  • The regional tour of the Rocky Horror Show Interactive Spectacular
  • Rooftop Theatre, with a successful run of Bogan Literature

Our interim CEO Anthony Robinson says:

“Building on lessons learned during our first year, we eager anticipate delivering even more in the future.”

“Our aim is to support initiative that not only foster artist development, but also benefit the wider Western Australian audience. By staying true to ARTRAGE’s core values, we will continue to surprise and delight audiences, ensuring success and lasting community impact.”