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Rooftop Encore Reviews Are In!


Perth's entertainment scene is buzzing, and Rooftop Encore is the place to be! Recent reviews rave about a dynamic double-header featuring YUCK Circus's Naughties and Tone & Cheek Productions' Tuck Shop.

"a fabulous and perfect night!" - Perth Happenings

"For those missing the death-defying and saucy action of Fringe World, Western Australian performing arts groups YUCK Circus and Tone & Cheek Productions have teamed up for a heart-racing double feature." - X-Press Magazine

YUCK Circus Takes You Back in Time (and Makes You Laugh!)
X-Press Magazine praises YUCK Circus for their hilarious and daring "Naughties" show. The performance is a trip down memory lane for anyone who remembers the early 2000s, packed with impressive acrobatics, side-splitting comedy, and pop culture references galore. Reviewers highlight the show's ability to blend humour with impressive feats of strength and skill. From a precarious chair stack channeling your inner boy band heartthrob to a hula-hooping rave, YUCK Circus keeps audiences engaged and entertained.
Out in Perth echoes this sentiment, calling YUCK Circus "exceptional at wielding their spectacular skills" and offering "a variety hour of jaw-dropping circus skills set to a nostalgia-loaded soundtrack of boy bands and dirty pop".
Perth Happenings describes it as a hilarious and nostalgic look back at the early 2000s, led by the "legendary larrikins" of YUCK Circus, a revered all-female West Aussie circus company. The review mentions the clever incorporation of contemporary Aussie poetry and an "irreverent charm" that brings back both cherished and cringe-worthy memories of the era, all set to a soundtrack that will have you reminiscing about dial-up tones and the satisfying snap of a flip phone.

Tuck Shop: A Fringe Feast for the Senses
-Press Magazine highlights Tuck Shop's act as a funhouse of playful innuendo and dazzling acrobatics . From rollerblading bartenders to disco ball dancers, the performance takes a wild turn, culminating in a party atmosphere.
Out in Perth describes Tone & Cheek Productions' "Tuck Shop" as a "exciting, somewhat salacious buzz" that captures the essence of a Fringe festival. This glamorous variety show takes audiences on a journey to a clandestine canteen, brimming with talented performers offering delectable entertainment. The review highlights the diverse cast, praising their singing, dancing, acrobatics, and burlesque expertise. "Tuck Shop" is described as an "all you can eat buffet of comedy, live vocals, dance, acrobatics, burlesque and so much more," capturing the true spirit of Fringe in a super-sized package.
According to Perth Happenings, Perth audiences were captivated by the delightful chaos of "Tuck Shop". "Tuck Shop," is described by Perth Happenings as a theatrical marvel, created by Fringe alumni with a clear passion for imagination. The review highlights the show's ability to immerse audiences in a world of dazzling cabaret, thrilling circus acts, and yes, even a touch of burlesque for those who enjoy a bit of spice! The review by Perth Happenings doesn't shy away from praising the performers' exceptional talent. They describe the cast as "masters of their craft," captivating audiences with everything from jaw-dropping aerial feats to sizzling dance numbers. From playful winks to cheeky nods, the performers transport you to their quirky and captivating world, reminding us all to embrace our individuality and have some fun.

A Night to Remember Under the Stars
Both shows take place at the recently transformed venue Rooftop Encore, home to Rooftop Movies, Perth's favourite venue for an intimate night out. Reviewers commend the venue for its perfect ambiance, allowing audiences to enjoy the shows under the Perth sky with burgers and bevies in hand. Perth Happenings also highlights the reasons Rooftop Encore is the perfect venue for this vibrant double-header. They praise the venue's spaciousness, comfortable seating, and delicious food and drink options. More importantly, they emphasise the venue's stunning rooftop setting, offering romantic views of the city and spectacular sunsets, all enjoyed by a diverse and enthusiastic crowd.

Ready for a Dose of Nostalgia and Pure Entertainment?
If you're looking for a night of laughter, acrobatics, and dazzle, Naughties and Tuck Shop at Rooftop Encore are a must-see. Grab your tickets and get ready for an unforgettable experience under the Perth sky!

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