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What The Yuck?! Get to Know the Yuck Circus 'Naughties' Crew


From daredevils defying gravity to comedic masters bringing the laughs, this crew is ready to transport you back to a time of boy bands, chunky glitter, and pure, unadulterated fun.

Georgia Deguara

Growing up in the isolated coastal town of Broome, there wasn't much to do apart from join the local circus! Georgia Began training at Theatre Kimberley's Sandfly Circus at the age of 11, and hasn't stopped since.

Director of multi-award winning, all-female acrobatic group YUCK Circus and producer for independent artists and companies; she strives to create exciting work in the industry, and to use her knowledge to inspire the next generation of artists.

Cat Ranieri

Cat Ranieri AKA 'The Cat's Meow' is a Perth-based circus artist specialising in Static Trapeze and Chair balancing. After many years of intensive training in gymnastics, sports acrobatics and cheerleading, Cat strayed into circus performance at the age of 17.

She now tours locally, nationally, and internationally with small and large scale works, as well as a highly-specialised coach.

Jessica Smart

Drama teacher-come-athlete from Perth, WA, when Jess isn't riding her bike across continents, she's making new circus work.

Being a versatile performer, she excels with roller skates, aerials, and within larger ensembles.

Jess combines her skills to be an all-rounded artist, experienced within Australia on on international soil.

Brooke Duckworth

Brooke is a dancer-come-circus artist, and a 2018 graduate NICA. Specialising in contortion and acrobatics, she has vast experience teaching and performing dance in her hometown of Innisfail, QLD.

When she isn't being thrown person to person, Brooke teaches the next generations of dancers, gymnasts and circus students in Perth, WA.

Hannah Richards

Hannah was born into a gymnastics family and encouraged to be physical. She started at Spaghetti Circus at seven years of age and discovered the joys of performing and making people laugh through circus.

Specialising in skipping, adagio and group acrobatics, Hannah has begun turning her passion for circus into a career, performing with companies including A Good Catch, Radish by Night and now YUCK Circus.

Shona Conacher

Shona is a world-class hula hoop artist, fitness trampoline fanatic and full-time sparkly idiot. She has worked professionally in the industry for the last 10 years in Australia and internationally, including solo and company tours across New Zealand, Europe and the UK.

Shona has a passion for creating ridiculous, energetic, engaging and interactive work for audiences of all ages.

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