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What’s the inspiration behind Free Range?


Written By ARTRAGE 02 Aug, 2022

In 2022, ARTRAGE is launching a new annual program, Free Range.

Imagine... A kitchen sink drama in an actual kitchen. A ballet in a moving train. An opera in a hot-air-balloon.

Free Range will take artists out of the theatre and into unconventional spaces, showcasing Perth artists and locations like never before.

“Free Range aims to create and provide engaging, more accessible and inclusive opportunities for a larger range of audiences, from those who are high cultural consumers to those more who feel like arts just isn’t for them,” says ARTRAGE CEO Sharon Burgess. “Within new and found spaces, artists can search unexpected inspirations and audiences can view art in a new way, free from the expectations and potential barriers of traditional performance.”

This isn’t a new concept for ARTRAGE though, established in 1983, the organisation has a rich history of presenting extraordinary work in unexpected spaces. Over the past four decades, ARTRAGE has activated everything from warehouses, rooftops and shipping containers. Free Range takes this foundation and runs with it.

At the core of the new works presented through Free Range, ARTRAGE holds these key

  • We place no limit on form and we encourage collaboration across artforms
  • We reduce barriers for participation by testing the boundaries of scale and genre
  • Work has enduring potential across stages in Australia and in the hearts of our audiences
  • We deliver theatre without boundaries and embrace touring and outer-metro performance opportunities
  • We champion First Nations people and artwork
  • We support and mentor emerging WA artists
  • We aim to make all shows accessible for individuals who have barriers for entry

Operating in two phases, Free Range will firstly support the creative development of new work, with the second phase supporting the presentation of work in found spaces throughout Perth and Western Australia.

The program will act as spring-board for the creation of new and exciting work, provide mentorship and development opportunities for artists, and will see pilot works developed and performed later this year with an expression of interest opening for new works to take part in the program in early 2023.

You can support the development of new West Australian work through Free Range by donating to ARTRAGE today.