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ARTRAGE presents Rooftop Encore! A four week season of tippy-top live performance set atop the Roe Street Car Park, home of Rooftop Movies.

World Premiere alert! Join West Aussie FRINGE WORLD legends as they launch TWO never-seen-before shows straight to moon! 

Flip out with Yuck Circus as they sling tamagotchis and give double-denim Britney at 'Naughties'  and steam it up with the sex-cats at Tone&Cheek as they crack out the whipped cream and soda pops at 'Tuck Shop'.

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Yuck Circus: Naughties

YUCK is an all female led West Aussie Circus Company flipping double standards and binging more salt than a jumbo jar of Vegemite. These legendary larrikins are kicking contemporary Aussie poetry straight in the 'gullet'!

So chuck on ya baddest Ed Hardy bling, throw ya Sketchers off the Rooftop and set those Razor Scooter wheels in motion as you throw it back to the early Naughties!

Rooftop Encore TUCK

Tuck Shop

Tone & Cheek Productions is the local love-child born from sultry acts of passion committed between Fringe alumni Nat Oakes, Liam Guiney and Dan Bruce. Putting the cheek in cheeky and giving audiences world-wide a good and proper 'toner' for camp-cabaret-circus!

Step into the world of glittering extravagance and unapologetic fabulousness that is Tuck Shop, a haven for the beautifully weird, wonderfully unique, and deliciously bad!

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Praise for Yuck Circus and Tone & Cheek

‘It’s just a skillful irreverent romp!’ ★★★★★ Fringe Feed

'Flight of the Conchords meets Cirque du Soleil' ★★★★★ The Stage UK

'Sexy, sultry show that had us begging for more!'  ★★★★★ Perth Happenings

'A masterpiece for those seeking a mesmerising experience' ★★★★★ Out in Perth